A Revolution in Education

Many countries undervalue creativity in education. In the US, many creative people acquire day jobs, which do not expand their creative abilities and leave it to their leisure time. Though the education system of the United States undervalues and downplays creativity, commerce totally appreciates that creativity is essential to saving it from forgetfulness. Creativity in the US education system has been discouraged in many ways; for example, many schools no longer have arts programs. Child undergoes many tests on other subjects such as mathematics and reading. This system is failing to establish arts as part of compulsory or permanent curriculum in schools. It is obvious that education is incredibly essential agent for our evolution. Developed nations have implemented imperative advances in availing education to most of their citizens. Western technology system has produced a huge amount of information, and therefore, learning institutions should refer to the information system. Nevertheless, the aim in which this information emanates, and the concentration teachers give to it makes it a very vital issue. A noble structure of standards and unified action on the side of all teachers is crucial to transform education into a more humane platform. Arts will play a great role in the evolution process of education in the US.
It is our greatest responsibility to work towards the correct human relations because it is the source to a new world. A revolution in education is necessary for model upon which a new education can be established. One of the most positive and powerful models for the effort of building new education system is the World Core Curriculum, because it provides all students with vibrant sense understanding and task in humanity realization. This understanding is the major objective of the expedition in this world. Children need this quality curriculum. This model is universal in terms of scope, and it provides a synthesis of multifaceted knowledge that is built up over the last years. The United Nations plays a major role as a source of information that serves as a primary resource for teachers who try to train their student to be cooperative citizens in the world. This knowledge is practically at our fingertips as long as the required information is accessible at several organizations of the United States. I strongly believe that education system in the United States can be taken to the next level if curriculum is taught in a more creative way. Childre in any school, must be having an opportunity to express themselves creatively through things such as music groups, art classes, and even plays.
Creative teachers need expertise in their specific fields, but they require more than this in order to teach children to be more creative. They require techniques that arouse inquisitiveness and raise self-esteem and self-confidence. They must identify when encouragement is required and confidence endangered. They ought to stabilize structured learning with the opportunity for self-direction, and the supervision of groups while giving concentration to individuals. The likelihood of any fact concerning education beginning on educationists ought to be nearly zero. The educationists have been speculating for the last centuries, but the current state of education, its arrangement, and the kinds of persons, who produce it, is incorrect that it is normal that only confused and unhealthy leaders come out of it. The thoughts by the sociologists are also unhealthy and sick, or else human, its thinking and life would have been different.
I believe that we can bring about an immense revolution. The economic, religious, and political revolutions may not have as much significance as the education revolution may have. Nevertheless, who can produce such a revolutions? Those defiant persons who can question and believe what they have done so far can produce it. There must be a revolution to eliminate the old education structure, and a new structure with new standards is established. In this new system, creativity should be encouraged in schools, and arts programs established. Introducing several strategies in schools will help reduce cases where bright children go unnoticed in the society. Many aspects of education must change in the current education system. However, the attributes are good, but in reality the education systems continues to lose quality. Universities and colleges today value the numbers of students in various faculties and departments. These institutions no longer value the number of experts produced from their systems. Largely the government should fund schools today to avoid them going for the high numbers in search for more revenues. Many students today consider the degree and diploma certificate as requirements to get good and well-paid jobs. Students have developed the idea of pursuing classes just to get the certificates that employers expect out there in the job environment. Well, this thinking completely dismantles the overall objective of learning. In the true sense, many graduates graduate with very high passes, but have little skills expected in the society.
Another revolution in education systems within the United States comes from rising university fees, increasing debt among students and learning institutions and the shrinking financial returns in the education sector. Universities and colleges are raising fees because of the general rise in the prices of other products in the market. For students, rising fees propel them to complete studies and avoid more fees. However, this idea is lowering the quality of graduates. Students no longer wish to repeat their courses because of such high fees. Additionally, students live on debts from either their guardians or other financial institutions. Their quest for the certificates surpasses the need for quality education. Once students get their certificates, job openings will become fairer to them, and thus debt repayment will be automatical. The more time students spend in college or university the higher will be debt accumulating. University and college debts are on the rise simply due to expansionary projects that are becoming costly. These debts are placing learning institutions at dilemmas that only more revenues will be the best solution. This means that universities and colleges will make many admissions in the future to help improve liquidity of these institutions. More debt in these learning institutions means more risk in the education output. With more debts, universities and colleges will pursue financial gains other than their original educational objectives. Honest students in this manner tend to suffer because the learning centers will often divert their objectives to self-gain. Leisure oriented university curricula calendar exacerbates the worsening of academic levels.
Today, universities provide less time for studies. For instance, the rules and regulations allow too much freedom for students. The levels of freedom influence class work negatively. Many students, therefore, engage in unscrupulous ways of doing their assignments and exams because they cannot cope well with the free environment. Finally, the rise and use of digital education is becoming a great challenge for many learning institutions. Digital learning offers the same course but with a shorter duration compared to the universities offering face to face kind of learning where lecturers interact with students. Because of this competition, however, universities have now shrunk the duration of many academic programs. This move aims to attract students who need certificates and clinch to jobs faster in the environment. The shorter duration of learning shows insignificant adjustments in the number of lessons and quality of teaching. In this manner, stakeholders forget educational objectives because time becomes a factor. Quality of output becomes an issue left to the regular students who cannot afford the so-called crash programs.

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